«Timberline» is an energetic country rock band from the Bernese region of Switzerland. Six experienced musicians make up this band, which plays mostly original compositions that are catchy tunes people love. Infectious rock songs are combined with wonderful country ballads to inspire and thrill audiences in diverse local cultural centers as well as festivals.

At first the idea was to professionally record original compositions. Soon thereafter, innovative and dedicated musicians were found to join the band. After that the group began composing, texting, practicing and playing music together. In March 2013 the big day came, and the debut of the single, «Weekend» was celebrated. Under the name «Timberline» the prolific sextet began recording additional original compositions.

Parallel to recording music in its own studio, «Timberline» played numerous concerts, and in May 2015 the band celebrated the launch of its first album featuring eleven original songs. Following two and a half years on stage,«Timberline» can look back at fifty shows, including the Country Music Festival in Albisgütli, the Trucker and Country Festival in Interlaken and the Giverola Country Weeks in Spain.

Translated into English «Timberline» means timber or tree line. The Niesen is a mountain in the Bernese alps and this mountain’s silhouette is the design of the band’s logo, which is subdivided by the lettering of the band name. Above the tree line the rocks and boulders symbolize rock music while the rural or country green below it represents country songs. «Timberline» feels very much at home in this musical landscape.

Regula Bauriedl - Lead Vocals

Singen war schon immer eine grosse Leidenschaft von mir. Bereits als kleines Mädchen wurde das Deo meiner Mutter zum Mikrofon umfunktioniert. Später sang ich im Gospelchor oder in verschiedenen Bands als Backgroundsängerin. Zuletzt bei GEORGE und Hanery Ammann.
Nun wage ich einen Schritt nach vorne in die Erste Reihe.
Musik verbindet und berührt und für mich gibt es nichts schöneres als diese Berührungen an den Konzerten zu spüren und zu erleben.

Jean-Claude Loiola - Lead Guitar

Da es mir in der Schulzeit öfters langweilig war, machte mich meine Pflegemutter mit Ihrer Gitarre bekannt und brachte mir die ersten Akkorde bei. Da sass ich nun mit meinen 13 Jahren und übte ganze Nachmittage lang meine Griffe. Die Faszination dieses Instrumentes hat mich bis heute nicht losgelassen (aktuell mehr denn je – bin quasi ein unverbesslicher Saiten-Nerd).
Die stilistische Vielfalt ist das, was mich an der Musik beeindruckt. „Gute“ Musik ist daher keine Frage des Stils, sondern sie ist eine abwechslungsreiche Droge in die man Ein-, und abtauchen kann, sei das Jazz, Klassik oder Metal.
Von Kleinformationen, Big Bands und Musicalengagement bis hin zur 60-köpfigen "Concert Band" des Repräsentationsorchesters der Schweizer Militärmusik konnte ich bis heute meine Viels(a)eitigkeit ausleben.

Tinu Ruch - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

I was infected by music and Rock n' Roll when I was four years old. Ever since music was a part of me. Rhythm and melody did lead me straight into the world of Rock! All this pure energy and multilingual communication of music simply fascinates me. Music (handmade!) lives, touches and drives people.

Just like John Miles once wrote in "Music" 1976: 'To live without my music - would be impossible to do, in this world of troubles - my music pulls me through'

Markus Wermuth - Keys

Beat Bösiger - Bass, Vocals, Band Leader, Songwriting, Producing

Life is like a music scale. Sometimes it goes up - somtimes it goes down. But that's what makes it exciting. Just imagine a song that stays on the same tone from start to finish... To self produce sounds and tones in various directions simply is a great gift that we have as humans.

Patrick Schorer - Drums, Vocals

Rhythm and sound have been shaping my life since I was a child. First, the wind instruments clarinet and above all the tenor saxophone opened to me the door to the world of music. My way to becoming a drummer started in a rock band founded with school friends and lead me through a wide and colorful range of styles: wind and classic orchestras, funk band, different ensembles and theater productions. I owe my current occupation as a drum teacher to a lasting, deep passion and the courage to carry a risk. Music is universally understandable. It only knows the borders that we try to draw in a rational and absolutely subjective way. This will always remain an attempt because music appears as an «echo of time». Its evolution never stops. It lives, like we do.

"Music is Life, Life is Music." (Joachim-Ernst Berendt)